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Polkadrop Cowl kit: Slow Freeze

Polkadrop Cowl kit: Slow Freeze

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This kit is specially designed for knitting the Polkadrop Cowl, which pairs a beautifully dappled mohair/ silk laceweight gradient with a rich tonal fingering weight skein. 

The Fuzz in this kit, called Slow Freeze, is bright, clear cobalt blue to turquoise blue, with dapples of soft yellow-green and teal (50g, 72% kid mohair/ 28% silk, 420 m/ 459 yds).  It is paired with a skein of merino fingering in Squid Friend, a navy blue with streaks of deep charcoal grey (100g of 100% superwash merino, 361 m/ 395 yds).

Polkadrop is a free pattern, designed by gobsmacked yarn founder Marit Munson, that is available in the Winter 2023 issue of

Note: The delightful mohair halo of the Fuzz often makes these gradients appear to have very smooth colour transitions, but most of the Fuzz gradients are in fact softly dappled. This kit is One-of-a-Kind and cannot be repeated (for more info, see my FAQ).
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